Rossignol Démolition


214 Avenue Gabriel Péri
78360 Montesson

VAT FR18800060949

Opening hours

lun - ven : 14h-17h

Also offers
Transport Demolition Dismanteling

Désamiantage, location d'engins et de matériel

Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning

A family business for three generations, Rossignol Démolition uses a one-hectare site to display and sell various materials from its construction sites.

The company has expertise in careful dismantling, particularly in the manual removal of roofing elements, which it has made a specialty of (dozens of models of terracotta or concrete tiles are available). There are also parquet floors, ironwork, wooden frames, radiators, doors and windows, metal beams, paving stones and rubble stones, most of which come from the dismantling of individual houses and small apartment buildings.

Last modification: 02/02/2022