Timmer- en plaathout
Timmer- en plaathout
Timmer- en plaathout

Timber and plywood

Besides the beautifully finished recovered wooden elements for façades, panelling, floors and terraces on the one hand, and beams and columns on the other, there is also a residual category. It consists of wooden planks, frames or panels that are resold with little or no treatment, or that are destined for less visible applications (e.g. roof boarding, wooden frameworks, etc.).  This offer is usually available from demolition contractors with a stock in material that is liberated as a result of their demolition work, or from sellers specialised in processing reclaimed wood into furniture, for example. 

The difference between this supply and the supply of beautifully finished wood that is sold as a clear product, is that the aesthetic characteristics of this type of demolition wood are often limited and its value cannot support much additional processing by the seller. The advantage is that the wood is usually cheaper than new wood or the types of reuse of higher quality. In short: the wood is not very beautiful, but it is not expensive either.

Commonly available products

Commonly available products are: 

  • Roof boarding, flooring, other profiles and frames. Mainly in pine or spruce wood.
  • Wooden boards: multiplex, concrete multiplex, chipboard (laminated or non-laminated), etc. Is usually not commonly available due to the very low prices of their new variants.

Observed prices

  • Roof boarding, flooring, etc.: 2 to 3 EUR/m (as a general rule: the longer the plank or beam, the more expensive per running metre)
  • Concrete multiplex: 15 EUR/m²
  • Multiplex 1200*500*12 mm: 5 EUR/pc

Provided treatments

In many cases, only nails are removed from wooden planks and panels when sold. Sanding or sawing is sometimes available upon request.