Brocante D'Antan


4 place des Pyrénées
11270 Orsans
43° 9' 38.4552" N, 1° 58' 56.1396" E
tel 00 33 (0)4 68 24 73 92
mobile 00 33 (0)6 88 73 14 61
Siret: 41264179700037

Business hours

mardi au dimanche : 9h30 - 19h

BricksTilesArchitectural antiquesSlates, roof tiles and wall copings
Also offers
DoorsPavers, kerbs and settsFlagstonesStairsCut natural stoneFireplaces
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning
Stripping and sanding

The Brocante d'Antan company located in Orsans, south of Toulouse, offers a wide range of antique materials (tiles, terracotta tiles, rubble, architectural elements, ironwork).

The company travels to the region to source the materials it sells within a 100 to 150km radius, and resells them after preparing them within a 300km radius.

Brocante d'Antan attaches great importance to working with qualified craftsmen during the removal of materials, their preparation and re-installation.



Last modified: 29/11/2021