Antique Tegel Kunnen-Philtjens


Klaverstraat, 69
3650 Rotem
51° 3' 27.9252" N, 5° 43' 0.0228" E
tel 089 75 26 43
mobile 0479 93 76 73

Business hours

By appointment.

Also offers
DoorsBricksFlagstonesSlates, roof tiles and wall copings
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning
Conditions of purchase
Ceramic tiles 1910-1930.

Antique Tegel Kunnen-Philtjens is tucked away in the Limburg countryside, but their range of ceramic tiles - they claim 10% of the motifs that exist in Belgium - and to a lesser extent their cement tiles, are more than worth the trip. On request, the tiles can also be stripped of mortar on the sides and underneath and delivered ready to lay. The company is prepared to clean tiles that you have disassembled yourself, so that you can reuse them in situ. 

Tony Kunnen is happy to make time for a visit to his stock, which contains, apart from tiles, a limited variety of other materials (doors, bluestone, ...).

Last modified: 14/04/2021