Atelier Passe Partout


Sint-Katelijnestraat 41
2800 Mechelen
51° 1' 49.8864" N, 4° 28' 36.03" E
tel +32 (0)15 277548

Business hours

Saturday from 10.00 to 12.00 / 13.00 to 16.00 or by appointment


D'un motif de parquet à l'autre

Des bâtons rompus au point de Hongrie

Le parquet à batons rompus, datant du XIXe siècle, provenait d'un bâtiment bruxellois. Les propriétaires ont démonté eux-même ce parquet dans l'idée de le réintégrer dans une maison à Boom. L'...

Parquet and wooden floors
Operations on products
Woodwork: sanding and planing
Woodwork: sawing, tongue and groove
Historical material restoration

In addition, removing glue and tar from slats and decolouring planks.

Since 1988, Karen and Filip have been the beating heart of l'Atelier Passe Partout, also known as ‘Historische Houten Vloeren’. Their passion and speciality is the laying, design and restoration of traditional parquet floors. for the design and installation of parquets and other wood floors, they work with new or reused materials (sometimes several hundred years old).
In their gallery in the centre of Malines, they advise private individuals and architects on design and implementation, and discuss details of the execution.
The Atelier Passe Partout does not have its own stock, but has a number of contacts with timber dealers it can call on for the supply of recycled and very old wood. Filip and Karen will look for an appropriate batch of timber, in accordance with the customer’s needs. The different types of parquet and wood floors come from French châteaux, villas and sometimes even old train carriages.
The batches of wood are treated and adapted by Filip and Karen in their workshop in Gedinne. They lay the pieces of wood themselves and thereby ensure that each stage of the process, until it is finished, is carried out in accordance with standard procedure.


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