Bouwmaterialen De Leyn


Westraat, 8
8340 Moerkerke
51° 14' 11.7312" N, 3° 20' 23.6256" E
tel 050 20 90 24
mobile 0476 43 31 64
fax 050 82 09 61

Business hours

By appointment.

BricksSlates, roof tiles and wall covers
Also offers

Building work by Thomas De Leyn Projects.


Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning

Bouwmaterialen De Leyn is the story of two brothers who took over their father’s business. They buy and sell reusable bricks and roof tiles (and their new variants). They have an average of 1 million bricks in stock, which mostly come from their own demolition sites. They have bricks of different sorts shapes and colours, and it is not unheard of for them to journey themselves in search of a specific model. Most of the time, the bricks are cleaned and packed by them. They also provide a delivery service.
Thomas De Leyn also manages a building and renovation firm, most of whose projects use reusable bricks and roof tiles.