Dakpannen Zeeland


Ampèreweg 37
4338 PT Middelburg
51° 29' 38.5008" N, 3° 39' 12.2976" E
mobile +31 (0)624 24 85 05

Business hours

Open by appointment

Slates, roof tiles and wall copings

Daniël started his own roof tile business in 2014. Boom tiles and Tuile du Nord account for the lion's share of the stock, but the range is much wider and varies from old Dutch roof tiles to quick-fitting tiles and glass tiles. Good contacts with other traders and demolition contractors also mean they can help further with roof tiles they may not have in stock.

All the roof tiles are dismantled, selected and sorted by Daniël and his team. They are not cleaned so as to preserve the weathered patina from the tiles.

Dakpannen ZeelandDakpannen ZeelandDakpannen Zeeland
Last modified: 24/01/2020