Route de Maastricht, 90
4651 Battice
50° 39' 17.712" N, 5° 47' 45.7872" E
tel 087 66 17 36
fax 087 66 17 44

Business hours

Mon - Fri 8h-17h


Structural timberBricks
Also offers
Pavers, kerbs and settsArchitectural antiquesWindowsRadiatorsFlagstonesSlates, roof tiles and wall copingsStone steps and sillsTiles
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning

Founded in 1995, Decomat is a demolition firm that employs thirty people and does not lack imagination. On their sites they apply an original recovery policy and they supply their stock with an astonishing variety of materials ranging from Gothic stone ornaments to an industrial air conditioning unit.
Decomat has built up expertise on a large brick that used to be made by hand in the region, together with certain stone items (like sills, window frames and cornerstones).


Last modified: 9/22/2020