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Toilettes pour le Chiro d'Itterbeek

Une variété d'éléments de réemploi pour un petit bâtiment neuf

A côté de l'ancienne ferme qui abrite le Chiro de Itterbeek (Dilbeek), se trouve un nouveau bâtiment qui sert de bloc sanitaire. Cette extension, conçue par Rotor, peut difficilement...

Also offers
Slates, roof tiles and wall covers
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning

The company Franck, active for more than forty years in the demolition business, gradually specialised in the recovery and sale of used bricks. The bricks are sorted, cleaned and packed on pallets. All of these operations enable the company to reach out to a professional clientèle comprised of architects, contractors and builders, with whom they enjoy working. 

Although bricks are Franck’s speciality, they are also interested in buying and selling a more diverse range of materials, such as window frames, roof tiles and wall covers. Their stock varies according to the demolitions they carry out.