Gebrs. P.B.- en IJ. van Rijn


Kooltuinweg 23
2223 LC Katwijk aan Zee , ZH
52° 11' 2.2164" N, 4° 25' 11.9748" E
Zuid Holland
tel +31 (0)714 01 22 68

Business hours

Mon 10h-17h

Tue 11h-17h

Wed 10h-17h

Thu 12h-17h

Fri 10h-17h

Sat 10h-17h


The van Rijn brothers run a compact but diverse reclamation business that grew out of their father's demolition work in the 1980s. The focus of the trade is on a combination of reclaimed and new wood, but if you explore the richly filled premises you will also find a small selection of roof tiles, doors and bricks.

For an overview of what is being offered, please pay a visit on site. The brothers limit themselves to the sale of materials and do not offer any transport or processing.

Last modified: 5/11/2021