Gunter Bosmans


Boekeleslei 2/F
2221 Booischot
51° 3' 6.93" N, 4° 45' 58.464" E
tel +32 15 22 10 15
mobile +32 473 466 564

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Mo-Fri 9h-13h

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Cut natural stone
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Pavers, kerbs and settsFlagstonesCut natural stoneBricksTilesSlates, roof tiles and wall copings

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Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning
Stone surface treatment
Stone cutting
Paving stone sawing or cleaving

For the past ten years or so, Gunter Bosmans has had a very diverse range of exclusively reclaimed cobblestones at its disposal, which are sorted, cleaned and, if necessary, sawn on the company's own site. The company also has an extensive range of used border stones, clay clinkers and bricks.

Gunter Bosmans is happy to consider the possibilities of their products for a specific design, and can take care of transport and installation. The company offers various treatments (burning, brushing, bush-hammering, etc.) of their stone products on request, and can cut large quantities of cobblestones or coping stones.

A visit on site will give you the best overview of the possible range.



Last modified: 5/11/2021