J. Visser Klinkers & Kasseien


Vossendaal 53
4877 AA Etten-Leur
51° 34' 28.1676" N, 4° 36' 31.9536" E
tel +31 (0)76 5264487
mobile +31 (0)624 518 987

Business hours

Stock: by appointment.

Pavers, kerbs and setts
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning
Paving stone sawing or cleaving

Jaap Visser delivers the most popular varieties of old Dutch clinkers and different types of paver. His storage site Etten-Leur is entirely covered with large batches of clinkers and pavers. These are exclusively reusable materials, which are dismantled, cleaned, sorted and transported by the company. 

Jaap Visser works extensively with the Belgian reuse sector – for exchanges of materials and services. Its range covers both Belgium and the Netherlands.