Kanzo handelsonderneming


Calandstraat 23
4251 NZ Werkendam , NB
51° 48' 8.6796" N, 4° 52' 8.1156" E
Noord Brabant
mobile +31638 64 33 88 (Harm)+31621 68 19 80 (Cornel)

Business hours

Saturday: 07:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: In the evening by appointment

Structural timberInterior finishing woodFinishing woodPanelling
Operations on products
Basic woodworking (de-nailing, sawing, etc.)
Joinery (cleaning dimensioning, drying, surface treatment, etc.)

Two friends, Harm and Cornel founded a charming timber workshop in the beautiful nature reserve de Biesbosch around 2010. One this hobby (according to them) got out of hand, they needed extra storage space. This came in 2014 in the form of a wood shop in Werkendam, a little down the road.

Given the fact that both founders exploit this company as a secondary activity Kanzo is only open to visitors during the weekend, after office hours or by appointment. Their offer is diverse: cheese plates, steenschotten, jetty planks, garden wood, sleepers, demolition timber, etc. They have it all. In order to make their wooden planks, beams or bollards ready to be sold, they are cut to size, sanded or planed to flawless planks according to the client’s wishes.

The products are documented on the website, but a visit to the site (albeit in combination with a visit to the adjacent National Park) is definitely worth it. 

Last modified: 4/02/2021