Neerpoortenstraat 51
3040 Ottenburg
50° 45' 15.6204" N, 4° 36' 11.0952" E
tel 016 47 23 60
mobile 0475 54 02 86
fax 016 47 00 95

Business hours

Mon - Fri 6h00-19h00
Saturdays by appointment.


Een interieur voor een boekenwinkel dat leest als een goed boek

Boekhandel LibreBook is ingericht met talloze hergebruikelementen. De rekken aan de muur zijn elementen uit een verlaagd plafond, waarvan de akoestische eigenschappen hier goed van pas komen. Het...

Structural timberParquet and floorboards
Also offers
BricksTilesFlagstonesArchitectural antiquesTimber cladding and panellingRadiatorsFireplacesSlates, roof tiles and wall copings
Operations on products
Basic woodworking (de-nailing, sawing, etc.)
Joinery (cleaning dimensioning, drying, surface treatment, etc.)

Neerhof is specialised in oak. The company has a well equipped workshop and a lot of experience.

Neerhof focuses mainly on collecting parquet or wooden planks and sawing old oak beams into products tailored to the customer. The company can handle almost all joiner's orders. Neerhof can deliver products from its stock, but thanks to its contacts with demolition contractors, it is also able to collect wooden floors and parquet to order.   

Besides wooden floors and oak beams, other types of materials are also available, but not always in the same amount in stock. You can always call them for an update on their stock. 

Last modified: 4/14/2021