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Sint Lenaarts
51° 20' 55.284" N, 4° 40' 37.308" E
tel 03/830 59 37

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Fabrication of natural stone worktops, sinks and washbasins, artificially aged if necessary.

At Oud Pakhuys, you will find a wide range of stone materials, in particular: Carrara marble or terra cotta tiles, natural Bourgogne stone flagstones, blue stone kerbs, as well as old milestones and stone steps, to name a few examples. Oud Pakhuys focuses almost exclusively on stone materials, with a specific look and/or dimensions. The company has detailed knowledge and expertise in the cleaning and treatment of reclaimed stone. You can also find reclaimed timber and parquet flooring at Oud Pakhuys, along with different types of architectural antiques, such as fireplaces and large stone vases. 

As well as reusable materials, the company also offers new materials and artificially aged items like stone and parquet flooring. The latter can be bought separately or with batches of reusable materials. The company has the necessary equipment and expertise to operate in this area.

Last modified: 10/6/2020