Rebricks B.V.


Raasdorperweg 123
1175KV Lijnden , NH
52° 21' 23.2812" N, 4° 44' 54.204" E
Noord Holland
mobile +31 (0)850 49 14 70

Business hours

Sat 9h-17h
or by appointment

Pavers, kerbs and settsTiles

Rebricks has a wide range of reclaimed paving materials, which are broken up and cleaned by the company itself. The most common sizes of baked clinkers can be delivered from stock, and are sorted, palletised and transported on demand. In addition, the company has a diverse stock of concrete paving materials, consisting of concrete clinkers, border stones and tiles. The website of Rebricks offers a good overview of the current stock.

Last modified: 5/11/2021