Hellegatweg 7a
4891 ST Rijsbergen , NB
51° 32' 10.1256" N, 4° 41' 29.922" E
Noord Brabant
tel +31 (0)765 96 28 34

Business hours

Mon-Fri 8h-16h

For many years now, demolition contractor Snellen has been recovering materials from its own building sites. With an impressive 8-hectare site, Snellen has the space to stock and re-market all kinds of reused materials. From beam timber, paving, doors and sanitary fittings to insulation, bricks, joinery and glass partitions: there are few materials that Snellen does not offer.

Both private individuals and professionals are welcomed on the premises and in the showroom, which is open to visitors every day. Stock levels are carefully monitored on the website. If you are looking for a particular material that is not in stock, Snellen can specifically look for it at their next construction site.



Last modified: 5/11/2021