Pasteurstraat 1
1704 RV Heerhugowaard , NH
52° 40' 55.686" N, 4° 49' 46.7148" E
Noord Holland
tel +31 (0)725 62 20 79

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Interior finishing wood
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Structural timberBricksTilesFinishing wood
Operations on products
Basic woodworking (de-nailing, sawing, etc.)
Joinery (cleaning dimensioning, drying, surface treatment, etc.)


For several years, the Soekijad brothers have been running the material business that their father founded in the 1990s. As a carpenter, father Soekijad saw potential in valuable wood that was unfairly dumped. Besides old beams, floors and doors, the company also developed an interest in old Dutch bricks, clinkers, tiles and other antique building materials.

Soekijad does not dismantle itself, but it does take care of restorations, deliveries and placements of wooden floors. A visit on site gives the best overview of the current stock.

Last modified: 5/11/2021