Vanhaelemeesch BVBA


Veldegemstraat 13
8020 Oostkamp
51° 6' 6.138" N, 3° 11' 17.3688" E
tel 050 27 71 96

Business hours

By appointment.

Floors in natural stoneWooden beams and postsDoorsTilesArchitectural antiquesFireplaces
Also offers
Stone stills and stepsBricksWindowsStairsParquet and wooden floorsSanitaryMetal workSlates, roof tiles and wall covers

Dismantling and installation in close cooperation with external demolishers and installers

Operations on products
Historical material restoration

The family business Vanhaelemeesch has been operating since 1928. Over the years the stock has grown impressively. Although they are particularly known for their range of oak beams and antique fireplaces, the other materials are not ignored. And their offer continues to grow: every week or thereabouts, the managers visit a building awaiting demolition. They are only interested in materials that are at least 100 years old, although they make an exception for art déco items.

The different types of material are stored separately on a huge plot containing six hangars. A lot of things are stored in their dismantled state, meaning that cleaning and restoration can be done according to the customer’s wishes. For installation, Vanhaelemeesch often calls on the same trusted individuals.