Vieille France


Akkerstraat 1a
5084 HL Biest-Houtakker , NB
51° 30' 27.828" N, 5° 9' 5.8392" E
Noord Brabant
tel +31 (0)135 05 54 22

Business hours

Fr - Sat: 10h00 - 17h00

Wooden beams and posts
Also offers
Architectural antiquesSlates, roof tiles and wall covers
Operations on products
Woodwork: sanding and planing

In a farmhouse in Noord Brabant, decorated as if it were situated in a French village, lies Vieille France. This family business, founded in 2002, mainly sells items from flea markets, old furniture and French interior objects. Additionally, they offer a limited amount of old construction material, mainly originating from France.

Old oak beams are a permanent fixture in their offer. These come from old farms, houses and barns in France. The beams are usually between 100 and 200 years old and they can be planed in their workshop without losing the old patina. They also have a few types of old French roof tiles, stone water frogs and floors from natural stone. The offer is always changing.

Vieille France - reclaimed oakVieille France - reclaimed oak