Solines B.V.


Graanweg 7
4782 Moerdijk , NB
51° 41' 0.816" N, 4° 36' 37.4256" E
Noord Brabant
Wulfshofstraße 7
44149 Dortmund , NW
51° 29' 46.176" N, 7° 22' 41.592" E
tel +31 (0)168 35 66 55

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Mon-Fri 8h-17h

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Flaring and welding

Steel trader Solines has an impressive stock of steel tubes, varying in diameter from 10 to 2500 mm. This mainly concerns large batches of surplus and downgraded steel, which the company buys and stores directly from the manufacturers. The pipes are still suitable for applications such as foundations, mooring posts, casing pipes, etc. The great strength of Solines is that the pipes are immediately deliverable from stock. They also have extensive logistical facilities: the company delivers using its own trucks, has connections to the rail network and is located near the Moerdijk port.

Solines likes to think along with you about the possibilities of their pipes in a specific project. In addition to their efficient transport options, they also offer various treatments of the tubes, such as sawing to size, tromping and welding. On request, a batch of tubes can be supplemented with new tubes.

Dernière modification: 5/11/2021