Hogervorst Tabben


Kanaalweg 8d
2678 LX De Lier , ZH
51° 58' 55.2108" N, 4° 14' 6.1332" E
Zuid Holland
tel +31 (0)174 28 01 94

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Un pavillon démontable construit avec des matériaux de réemploi

La Farmhouse, localisée sur le site de Tour et Taxis, a été conçue comme une structure temporaire. Le pavillon était au coeur de Farmparck où s’est tenue l’édition 2014 de Parckdesign, une...

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Cleaning and repairing of the parts

Hogervorst Tabben, founded at the start of the ‘90, is specialized in the dismantling, renovation, sales and installation of professional greenhouses. Given their location in the Westland, surrounded by greenhouses, they are close to the source.

Over the course of the years, they have grown into a company capable of supplying greenhouses up to several hectares in surface area, but they also install hobby greenhouses, canopies or greenhouses that are given a completely different use.

From the disassembly down to rebuilding, they can take care of every single step of the re-use process by themselves. There are several greenhouses on the premises, fully disassembled and carefully inventoried. All parts are inspected, cleaned and, if necessary, repaired. If necessary, the greenhouses are completed using new parts.

There are also other lots of additional secondhand (landscaping) materials available, from ventilation systems to lamps.