Van Dijck


Rue des Alouettes 171
4041 Milmort
50° 41' 42.6084" N, 5° 35' 16.0224" E
tel 04 278 73 25
fax 04 278 06 37
VAT: BE 0453 891 506

Business hours

Mon - Fri 7h-17h

Pavers, kerbs and setts
Also offers
FlagstonesCut natural stoneSlates, roof tiles and wall copings
Operations on products
Mortar residue cleaning
Stone surface treatment
Stone cutting
Paving stone sawing or cleaving

Van Dijk is a supplier of new and reclaimed pavers and kerbs, as well as a stone cutter. The ends of the reclaimed kerbs are sawn for easier installation, and you can also find sawn pavers if you want a flat finish. With all the necessary equipment and skills, they can meet all of your needs in terms of size and finish.

Last modified: 23/01/2020