About Opalis

    The objective of the Opalis website is to facilitate the reuse of materials in construction and renovation projects. To this end, Opalis is organised on the basis of different sections.

    • The site shows an overview of professional retailers who sell building materials coming from old dismantled buildings.  In addition to their reuse products, these operators often offer other services: dismantling and cleaning, tailor-made elements, specialised advice, etc. In many cases, calling on their expertise is the best way to achieve the reuse ambitions within a construction project. The services offered by each operator are shown in detail on the descriptive sheets.

    • Opalis also provides technical documentation on the most common construction products on the reuse market: their main characteristics, frequency of release, availability, indicative prices, etc.

    • A third part describes recent realizations in which reuse materials have been applied successfully and in an inspiring way.

    • The last section contains useful documents and links for visitors who want to gather additional information.

    The website Opalis was founded by Rotor vzw/asbl. Rotor is an association active since 2005 in the field of reuse of building elements, through research, interior projects with reclaimed materials, and various collaborations with architects, contractors and building owners. Within the framework of the ‘Plateforme Réemploi' project (2017), the architects of Atelier 4|5 also contributed to the content of this site.

    Through the FCRBE project, carried out within the framework of the Interreg NWE programme, the cooperative Bellastock and the association Les Aventuriers du Sixième Continent contribute to the further expansion of the content of the website. 

    The research for this project has been carried out in a careful manner. However, it is possible that some addresses have escaped our attention or that errors in the content have crept in. If you wish to make changes to the content of the website, please send your comments to us at the following address: info@opalis.be.

    This project was developed in several phases thanks to the support of Bruxelles Environnement, the Duurzaam Materialen- en Energiebeheer Fund, and the Brussels-Capital Region in the framework of the Regional Programme for Circular Economy (PREC, measure RD15), OVAM within the framework of Vlaanderen Circulair, l'ADEME (France) and the Région Île de France.

    Le site Opalis a été réalisé par l’asbl Rotor. Rotor est une association qui travaille depuis 2005 sur la question du réemploi, à travers des travaux de recherches, des aménagements d’intérieur à partir de matériaux de réemploi ou encore des collaborations avec des architectes, entreprises et maîtres d'ouvrages. Dans le cadre du projet "Plateforme Réemploi" (2017), le bureau Atelier 4|5 a également contribué au contenu de ce site.

    Dans le cadre du projet FCRBE, mené dans le cadre du programme Interreg NWE, la coopérative Bellastock et l'association Aventuriers du Sixième Continent contribuent à l'alimentation du contenu du site.

    Le travail de recherche pour ce projet a été mené avec la plus grande rigueur. Il est toutefois possible que certaines adresses aient échappé à nos recherches et que des erreurs se soient glissées dans le contenu. Si vous souhaitez apporter des modifications au contenu existant, merci de nous faire part de vos remarques à l’adresse suivante : info@opalis.be.

    Ce projet a été développé en plusieurs phases grâce au soutien de Bruxelles Environnement, du Fonds Duurzaam Materialen- en Energiebeheer, de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale dans le cadre du Programme Régional d’Économie Circulaire (PREC, mesure RD15), de l’OVAM dans le cadre de Vlaanderen Circulair, de l'ADEME (France) ainsi que de la Région Île de France.

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    Since January 2019, the website has been further developed within the framework of the FCRBE project, made possible thanks to the support of the Interreg NWE programme.




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