Trapezium 80
3364 DL Sliedrecht

Opening hours

By appointment


Guidance and technical assistance with installation

Operations on products
Basic woodworking (de-nailing, sawing, etc.)

Also drying of wooden planks.

BouwFactor Houtproducten offers a wide variety of products, ranging from barnwood goods to ‘steenschotten’ (brick-drying boards) and different types of scaffolding wood. The scaffolding wood is available in a variety of types: doubled, rough, sanded, in old grey or new.

The barnwood is imported from all over the world, from Europe to Canada and Asia. Examples: as well as tabletops from Zagreb, at Bouwfactor you will find railway sleepers from India and planks from old Canadian barns suitable for façade and wall cladding. Every piece of wood is therefore unique.

BouwFactor products are broadly suitable for façade cladding, panelling, stairs, furniture and doors, and are always in stock.


Last modification: 01/03/2022