Carré Dakramen


Plesmanstraat 25
3905 KZ Veenendaal

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: by appointment
Closed on Sundays.

Transport Installation

Transport  via subcontract
Fitting in the case of a local site

Cleaning and repairs

In 2008, Carlo Rebergen started his own business selling used skylights under the name Carré Dakramen. Carré Dakramen now has a large network of renovation contractors from whom he buys dismantled skylights, mainly of the Velux brand. These are then fixed up with the necessary craftsmanship before being resold. Each skylight is professionally tested and repaired if necessary, thus guaranteeing the purchase of a leak-proof window. Carré Skylights has a large stock of different types of skylights. Each specimen is supplied with suitable gutters and mounting brackets.

In addition to recovered windows (which are up to 2/3rd cheaper than new windows), Carré Dakramen also sells a small proportion of new skylights. Both the new and the used skylights can be installed and supplied by Carré Dakramen themselves. During a visit (by appointment), the owner will provide you with all the necessary advice and assistance.

Last modification: 01/03/2022