Entreprise Guedou



Operations on products
Stone surface treatment

Cleaning, sorting, packing

Entreprise Guedou is a specialist dealer in old sandstone and granite pavers and kerbs of all sizes. The family firm benefits from the eponymous entrepreneur’s fifty years’ experience in this business.

 In France, reclaimed pavers mostly come from ports, quays, town streets and squares, and large properties; ⅙ are sandstone, ⅚ are granite. The company sources its materials mostly from sites in Île-de-France. It also buys batches of pavers from private individuals. 

The materials are processed and stored at Morancez, near Chartres. The stock room is accessible to visitors, who can also see examples of how the materials are used by Entreprise Guedou. The pavers are sold after being sized, sorted and cleaned, in bulk or in big bags as required. The company is able to meet all types and sizes of orders and provides a delivery service.




Last modification: 27/11/2023