The ease with which doors can be dismantled explains their large presence on the reclamation market. There is a wide variety of styles and origins, but old panel doors in solid wood account for the largest market share, followed by exterior doors. Recent interior doors (such as doors with a chipboard or honeycomb interior structure) are only rarely salvaged. 

Doors are rarely sold with their original door frames, as these are difficult to disassemble, store and re-assemble. However, a few dealers make new frames. 


Panelled doors

These interior doors have been around for hundreds of years and are readily available on the reclamation market from different types of traders, from demolition contractors to real door specialists. They exist in different materials (solid wood, plywood, etc.), styles and shapes. Panel doors can also be completely dismantled and resized if necessary.

Flush doors

Flush doors come in many different types and sizes. There are the hollow core doors (with honeycomb or tubular core) and the solid core doors, each with different characteristics. The surface is then finished with veneer or a laminate coating, for example.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors can be found mainly through demolition contractors. They are also made out of different materials, and in different shapes, colours and styles.  

Fire doors

Fire doors are not a very common product on the reclamation market today, but they are removed in large quantities, especially during office renovations. They are by nature very high-quality products that are usually used for a much shorter period than is technically possible. 

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Various specialised companies offer a selection of recovered hardware in addition to their doors. These may be old decorative handles and hinges, or very recent models in stainless steel. Door stops, door closers, hinges and handles for cabinets and windows are also part of the range.