Reclaimed fireplace mantels have been prized items for interior development projects for a long time. Indeed, in 19th century Paris, “the bourgeoisie come to Drouot looking for old fireplaces or staircases to grace the new Haussmannian apartments where the undried plaster signifies the freshness of the fortune.”  (Manuel Charpy, 2007, “L’ordre des choses. Sur quelques traits de la culture matérielle bourgeoise parisienne, 1830-1914”).

Frreplaces are delicate stone elements, often marble or limestone. They require careful disassembly. Numerous dealers in antique materials have made these their speciality. Some not only have hundreds of antique fireplaces in stock, but also offer an installation service.

On the reclamation market, one can also find elaborate and ornamental fireplace mantels as well as pieces that consist of simple stone slabs.