Although their status as ’building products’ is questionable, the light fittings actively contribute to the architectural quality of a space, are frequently updated and are very commonplace on the reclamation market.

It would be difficult to create an exhaustive list of the companies offering reclaimed light fittings: antique shops, second-hand furniture shops, second-hand electrical appliance shops, garage sales, etc. The only companies listed here are professional dealers who, as part of a broader range of reclaimed building materials, also offer light fittings.


Light fittings

Some reclamation dealers specialise in reclaiming and selling light fittings for homes, catering establishments, shop interiors, etc. Usually, only the luminaires are reused and the wiring is replaced. In order to meet the new energy performance requirements, all that is left is to screw in a new bulb. All kinds of lamps are available in this way. From antique chandeliers over art deco wall lamps to post-war design. 

LED tube fittings

LED fluorescent luminaires, which are often used for office interiors or other large areas, are also limited on the market (because of the low new price). They can mainly be found at demolition contractors with a salvage yard. The same applies to other types of technical lighting (such as emergency lighting). 

Tracks and spotlights

Tracks on which spotlights or other light fittings can be mounted are especially popular for shop interiors. The rails, luminaires and fittings can all be found on the reclamation market, albeit to a relatively limited extent. Second-hand parts can also be supplemented with new elements.