This category includes a variety of elements that are typically part of the rather functional equipment of a building (although very decorative versions also exist). They are generally easy to reclaim and reuse, but are not yet very common on the reclamation market, largely due to their cheap new price. Many of these elements are made of metal. 



Gratings made of galvanised steel, aluminium or plastic can be found sporadically on the reclamation market at some merchants. The gratings can originate from and be reused for industrial stair systems, walkways, landings, etc.

Gates and fences

Contemporary gates and fences are rare on the reclamation market, although their reuse is usually not very difficult. They are usually metal elements from industrial or commercial applications such as the fencing of business sites, of which a relatively large number of the same pieces can be recovered. 

Handrails and balustrades

Handrails and balustrades come in many different forms on the reclamation market, from high-quality wooden elements designed by interior designers to very robust industrial pieces made of stainless steel. They are therefore offered by different types of recycling suppliers, and their supply is very variable. These elements are usually relatively easy to reclaim and reuse.

Antique (cast-iron) fences

Antique gates, fences and balustrades made of cast iron are a speciality in themselves and are usually sold by antique dealers. They come in all shapes and sizes, and usually come from very old buildings and estates. Their integration into a more contemporary project can lead to surprising results.