Panels and boards

This category brings together various types of sheet material that are often found in construction projects and interiors. In general, these materials are mainly offered by demolition contractors who dismantle them from their own sites, or recent initiatives that focus on the circulation of new types of materials, whether or not linked to an open workshop operation.

These materials do not have the typical patina of, for example, recovered wooden boards or old bricks, and they are typically sold as is, without further processing.


Wood-based panel materials

These are mainly plywood, osb, mdf, underlayment, concrete plywood and chipboard, typically originating directly from the demolition of buildings, where the boards are recovered from roofs and floors. Occasionally, lots, mainly plywood, can be found from commercial or other interiors, where they served as furnishing and finishing material.

HPL panels

HPL panels (or High Pressure Laminate, better known under the brand name Trespa) can be found at some demolition contractors, and are typically used as partition walls in sanitary areas. reclaimed HPL panels are as diverse as new HPL in terms of sizes, shapes and colours. 


The reuse of plasterboard is still very rare. The material is only sporadically offered by some new initiatives that are not afraid to experiment with new materials.