The supply of heating equipment varies according to the type of radiator.
Cast iron radiators are widely available on the reuse market. Composed of a series of modular elements that can be dismantled and reassembled, they are well suited to heavy duty cleaning and reconditioning. These are provided by operators who put up complete, reliable and durable products for sale.
The most finely crafted cast iron radiators are generally the most expensive (for example, radiators in the style of 1900, decorated with floral patterns). The more recent models are cheaper (such as the Idéal Classic or Chappée radiator brands, dating from the period 1920-1970). Radiators of this type are found most frequently on today’s demolition sites. Their more refined style makes them good candidates to be put back into service in contemporary projects.
The recent folded sheet metal radiators are much rarer on the reuse market.

Common products

The following products can often be found:

  • Cast iron radiators:
    • old or more recent, in varied styles
    • variable heights, from ~40 cm to over 100 cm
    • on feet or suspended
    • with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns (the columns are vertical “tubes”, made of an element and in which the water circulates: A greater number of columns increases the heating area per element and therefore the total power of the radiator)
  • Plumbing
  • Accessories (reducers, plugs, purge valves, etc.)
  • Modern radiators in folded sheet metal

Available treatments

The operators offer different services for cast iron radiators:

  • cleaning
  • stripping and repainting
  • sizing (by adding or removing elements)
  • replacement of water inlet/outlet valves
  • calculation of heating power: some operators can help you to calculate the size of the radiators in accordance with the needs of the space
  • pressure tests in this way, the operators guarantee that the products are perfectly sealed

Recorded prices

Per element: € ~20 to ~45 incl. VAT, depending on the height, the number of columns per item and the level of finish (primer coat or fully painted).
For example: for an Idéal Classic cast iron radiator, height = 54 cm, depth = 14.5 cm (4 columns), length = 80 cm (16 elements), tested and painted: € 460 incl. VAT (displayed price, private clients)

Did you know?

There are also replicas of old radiators. You are advised to seek information about the origin of the product you plan to buy.