The market for reclaimed radiators consists of two types of products that have the same function (heating) but which otherwise find their way to the customer completely differently. Cast iron radiators are often carefully reconditioned by specialised companies, and certainly the older models are very much appreciated. Sheet steel radiators, on the other hand, are relatively cheap new, so they are almost exclusively salvaged by demolition contractors with a salvage yard. They are often not reconditioned as standard, but they can be a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to new equivalents. 



Cast iron radiators

This first generation of radiators was produced on a large scale from 1910 to 1970, before being systematically replaced by models made of sheet metal. Nevertheless, cast iron radiators are fully modular and suitable for current heat production systems. On the reclamation market, one can find simple classic models to rare antique pieces. The radiators are usually fully reconditioned.

Sheet metal, aluminium and stainless steel radiators

Radiators and convectors made from sheet metal, aluminium and stainless steel are the most common heating elements in central heating installations today. There is a wide variety of models available, with panel radiators being the most common on the reclamation market.