Slates, roof tiles and wall copings

Roof tiles, wall copings and slates are often found on the reclamation market. Their appearance differs depending on the region in which they are produced, with a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Historical regional differences are still largely visible on the reclamation market, with reclaimed slate and roof tiles mainly (but not exclusively) available in regions with a history of reclamation and production of that type of roofing material. 



Clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles, produced in Europe since the 19th century (also known as ceramic roof tiles), have a long lifespan. They are therefore widely available on the reclamation market in all their variations: from the older, traditional models to the more recently machine-produced types. Especially in the Netherlands, the market is particularly well developed.

Clay wall copings

Ceramic wall copings are, in fact, just ceramic roof tiles with a different shape and are equally available on the reclamation market. The information from the material sheet about ceramic roof tiles generally also applies to this product. 

Natural slate

Slate is a metamorphic rock that has been used for centuries as a roofing and wall covering due to the fact that it splits easily into thin layers. This product is mainly found in regions with a tradition of quarrying and production such as the UK and certain areas of France and Belgium. More recently imported slates from Spain, Asia and South America are also starting to appear on the reclamation market. 

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