Leontine Van Leeuwen


Rue Fontaine Saint Pierre 1
5330 Assesse , WNA
50° 22' 4.2312" N, 5° 2' 45.582" E
Chaussée de Huy 306
1325 Chaumont-Gistoux , WBR
50° 40' 28.9632" N, 4° 42' 53.6904" E
Brabant Wallon
mobile 0477 563 800

Business hours

Assesse stock : Mon. 14-17h, Sat. 9-11h30 / Chaumont stock : Thur. 14-17h, Sat. 13-17h / Wagnelée stock : Sat. 9-11h

Structural timberFinishing wood

Leontine Van Leeuwen has built a reputation around “steenschotten”. These wooden panels were originally used as drying supports in the production of concrete blocks. After 4 or 5 years of use, they are no longer fit for purpose and are recirculated on the second-hand market. This is a very cheap material – starting from 8 €/m² – although it requires pressure cleaning (and possibly sanding) after being received. It is used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

It is possible to visit both of the company’s stock rooms, one in Wavre and the other in Ohey. A catalogue with the dimensions and prices is available online and regularly updated. Leontine Van Leeuwen can deliver and give advice on the use of the products.

Last modified: 3/11/2020