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Precast concrete panels

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In addition to their activities as demolition contractors, the van Mourik brothers have been selling prefabricated concrete panels since 2016. These panels are deemed unsaleable by the manufacturer for various, often aesthetic reasons, but are structurally intact and usable. The panels are purchased from local concrete manufacturers, and sold to private individuals and contractors. The result is a price reduction of 60-90% compared to new panels. Due to the demanding logistics, these panels are very rare on the reuse market.

Since the quantities are small, a design that wishes to make use of this material must take into account the unique dimensions of the panels currently in stock. The brothers are happy to welcome interested parties to their premises to assess together which panel is suitable for a specific project.

Thanks to their activities as demolition contractors, van Mourik can provide the heavy transport of the panels. However, the processing of the concrete, such as sawing to the required dimensions, must be carried out by the customer. For an up-to-date overview of the stock, please visit the Marketplace page of Gerko van Mourik.

Last modification: 27/11/2023