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Specifically for elements that are part of wall systems for office interiors and only within the framework of the company's design assignments

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In 2014, Spaces4You was founded as a company trading in various office material. Two years after their start, the company directors decided to concentrate exclusively on circularity with a focus on system walls.  

From office buildings various interior elements like system walls, ceilings, carpet tiles, desks and white boards are disassembled and, if possible, transported directly to the new destination. More material is stored in an accessible and large warehouse and a showroom will be created in the near future. 

Tempered or layered glass according to a certain level of protection, in conformity with the ever changing safety requirements, is installed in the workshop. Adaptations according to the client’s wishes and transportation to a new destination, e.g. Re-dimensioning the glass surface and door frame, are mainly done on-site. 

Spaces4you chooses to take care of the complete office set-up (disassembly, design and execution) all on their own. This strategy provides Spaces4You the freedom to combine different brands, dimensions and executions and to match all elements seamlessly.

Last modification: 27/11/2023