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HPL panels, mainly new surplus materials


Verzagen van de HPL panelen

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The 2de keus stock usually consists of, on the one hand, around 4000m² in HPL panels and, on the other, a series of high stacks of pallets and insulation panels. Both materials are new, but they were not sold on the regular market due to minor manufacturing defects (a scratch, a corner broken off, ...). 2de keus sells these at a discounted price. The company can offer these materials owing to their close cooperation with a number of European manufacturers.

In order to guarantee a steady supply of HPL panels, they are supplied in five colours with a thickness of 4 to 14 mm. The exact available quantities of a specific colour in a specific thickness is, of course, closely correlated with what the company receives, meaning it can change from one day to the next. They also sell the necessary fixing material for the panels, which are mainly used as covering of façade cladding. The insulation panels are usually 160mm thick (and sometimes up to 200mm).

The HPL panels can be delivered in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The insulation is only delivered locally.

Last modification: 27/11/2023