Frissen Rustiek


Tromputte 7
6269 BC Margraten

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Frissen Rustiek is a company with many lives and a far reaching family history. The company has been around for more than 50 years and it used to be known as, among others, Secondlife-Style and Veldbrandhandel Frissen. In 2014, the brothers Richard and Pascal gave the company the name Frissen Rustiek.

Frissen Rustiek specializes primarily in the sale of field oven bricks (veldbrandsteen or veldovensteen in Dutch). This hand baked stone date back to before 1920 and was produced from clay that can be found along the Maas river. This brick was used extensively all along the course of the river, both in France and Belgium as in the Netherlands. Local contractors know where to find Frissen Rustiek who is always interested in buying this old stone when they are demolishing and stripping old properties. The bricks are then chipped clean by Frissen Rustiek and nicely sorted on pallets, ready for transportation. 

Besides the sale of these old bricks, you can call on Frissen Rustiek for cement tiles, ironwork, natural stone paving, roof tiles and a number of doors. Additionally, besides the rougher work from the brothers, you can admire the showroom with re-styled old furniture of Chantal and Angelique, Richard and Pascal’s partners.  

Last modification: 27/11/2023