Van Der Vleuten


Boslaan Zuid 13
5681BL Best

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Tu - Fr: 8h - 17h30
Sat: 8h - 13h

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Van der Vleuten Bouwmaterialen, founded by Adriaan van der Vleuten, started in 1955 with the demolition of old buildings and selling the recovered construction material. Since the 80’s, the decision was taken to concentrate exclusively on the sales of construction material.

Van der Vleuten Bouwmaterialen, “De Vleut” in short, offers both new and used construction material. And even though they mainly focus on new material, the lots of used construction material are still very interesting. In order to obtain an overview of their assortment, the best thing to do is to pass by and have a look on their premises of no less than 25000m². The lots of used construction material mainly consists of door panels, stelcon plates, fencing, some lots of insulation material and an extensive offer of steel girders and wooden beams.

The supply of construction material is very extensive. The business is the ideal location for any builder looking for new as well as old material. The company location is also equipped with the necessary tools to saw panels to size or to shorten and plane the available lengths of wood.

Last modification: 27/11/2023