De Opkamer


Kerkdijk 1A
4921 XC Made

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Mon - Tue: by appointment
Wed - Fri: 9h - 17h
Sat: 09h30 - 16h30

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De Opkamer, founded in 2000 by Michel and Carola, is specialised in old antique chimneys and natural stone flooring. Most of the material comes from Belgium and France. Amongst the chimneys, there are a few items whose production dates back to the start of the 18th century. The chimneys are restored by the Opkamer team and repaired where needed. The marble chimneys reclaim their original splendour, with other items the effects of the passage of time and the different coats of paints are left as is on purpose.

The floors usually come from churches and old cloister buildings. The Belgian blue hard stone and French limestone are almost always available. The floors made from natural stone slabs, who are often more than 10 cm thick, can be cut up so they are also compatible with floor heating.

Additionally, there are lots of terracotta tiles, garden ornaments, troughs and bricks. Besides the antique material, they also sell new aged floors and chimneys. For an up to date overview of the available lots: go to the website and look under “construction antiques”. 

Last modification: 27/11/2023