KLUS de Bouwkringloop


Zwaaikom 21
3812 PS Amersfoort

Heures d'ouverture

Mon: 13h-18h
Tue - Sat: 10h-18h

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KLUS is a project of the thrift store in Amersfoort, where they are expanding their classic range of furniture and clothes to include discarded yard surpluses and old building materials. They do this entirely within the operating logic of the recycled goods shop (free pick-up, immediate delivery to the shop, cheap and fast sales) and with the same logistical resources. The supply comes from contractors and private individuals around Amersfoort who have small surpluses on their sites.

To get an idea of what they have inside, it's best to take a look in the store itself, where part of the showroom is devoted to building materials. The range is varied and especially suitable for private individuals who are looking for a sink or a door, for example. The thrift store always manages to offer the materials very cheaply.

Last modification: 27/11/2023