De Oude Dakpan


Tongersesteenweg t.o.v. huisnr 171/173
3720 Kortessem

Opening hours

Open Monday to Friday by appointment


The company De Oude Dakpan, located in Kortessem, Limburg, has been buying and selling old rural roof tiles since 2010. Their range is mainly composed of reclaimed Burgundy roof tiles, but others such as Tucca, Pottelberg and Hennuyères are also ready to be laid. Sometimes, they also have some exotic types of roof tiles, like the French Tuile Violon.
Each batch is chosen by the manager Peter Quarem and its quality is checked before being put up for sale. To keep their antique look, De Oude Dakpan deliberately chooses not to clean or treat the tiles.


Last modification: 27/11/2023