Woudweg 127
7381 BC Klarenbeek

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 8h-16h30
Sat: 8h-16h

Groothuishandel, founded by Jeroen Groothuis, has a wide range of reclaimed paving materials, including cobblestones, clay pavers and concrete clinkers. The company sorts and cleans the paving itself, and pallets on request. Groothuishandel has two branches with paving materials; one in Tubbergen under the name Twenteklinker, and one in Klarenbeek under the name Sfeervolle Bestrating. Both branches have an excellent web shop. 

In addition to its range of paving materials, Groothuishandel is active in the dismantling and sale of halls and warehouses. The company buys complete buildings, dismantles them under its own management and immediately transports the structures to the new site. Both interested customers and suppliers can contact Groothuishandel to discuss the specific possibilities.

Last modification: 27/11/2023