Hangars, greenhouses and barns

This material category bundles the buildings that are dismantled and partly or wholly sold as "building kits". Although the types of structures that fall into this category differ in terms of age, material and appearance, what they have in common is that their connections are easily reversible, their design is standardised (to a certain extent), the volume-to-material ratio is often impressive, and their reuse is generally cheaper than buying a new structure. The different practices are very region-specific, but relatively standard within certain economic activities (such as agriculture, horticulture, industry, etc.). 


Hangars with steel structure

The reuse of entire hangars is organised by a few specialised companies, which try as much as possible to transport the dismantled structures directly from the dismantling site to their new location, in order to avoid high transport and storage costs as much as possible. Therefore, structures scheduled for dismantling typically appear on their website several months in advance. The hangars are sold with or without sandwich panels for roof and wall cladding. 


Especially in the Netherlands, the reuse of greenhouses is a very common practice. It is not uncommon for reclaimed and new greenhouses to be offered together by the same suppliers. Many greenhouses are also sold to foreign customers, as far away as Eastern Europe. The greenhouses are suitable for a new application in the agricultural sector, but many traders also sell to private individuals or to architects in view of  a more public/cultural use. The dealers in reclaimed greenhouses often have such a large stock of elements that it is possible to have a new greenhouse made to measure (aluminium profiles and glass, plus any accessories). 

Wood barns

The reuse of old wooden barns in their entirety only takes place in a few specific regions (certain regions in France, the Alps and Scandinavia, for example). Often, these are old barns that circulate within the agricultural sector itself (both the wooden structure and the cladding and infill). For wood from old barns that is sold separately for other applications, see 'Finishing wood -> Barnwood'.