Hangars, greenhouses and barns
Hangars, greenhouses and barns
Hangars, greenhouses and barns
Hangars, greenhouses and barns
Hangars, greenhouses and barns

Hangars, greenhouses and barns

The reuse of entire buildings varies greatly from region to region. In Belgium, there are virtually no dealers in this field. In the Netherlands, the focus is on the reuse of professional horticultural greenhouses. In France, complete wooden sheds are sometimes reused. In addition, there are also some companies, spread throughout the Opalis region, that reclaim industrial hangars. 

In the Netherlands, it is common for used greenhouses to be completely dismantled and offered for sale by companies specializing in the demolition and renovation of these structures. The greenhouses are mainly from garden and agricultural companies. Some traders also focus mainly on this sector for sales, while others target individuals. Greenhouse construction is largely standardized. Some dealers resell the dismantled greenhouses as a whole, while others treat the structure as a large construction kit, and organize their stock by component. Customers can thus put together a new greenhouse themselves based on the available parts. In both cases, new parts are ordered as necessary. The glass is also often new in a reused greenhouse. 

The market for reclaimed hangars is similar to that for greenhouses, except that it is less standardized and therefore used hangars are always stored and sold as a whole. The same applies to sheds. 

Common products

  • Greenhouses: these are professional products whose size can vary greatly. The usual surfaces of the dismantled greenhouses are between 1000m² and 15 000m². But, as described above, with many dealers it is possible to put together a new structure based on the available parts. Some dealers also sell "small" kits to individuals, starting from around 10m² of ground surface.

  • Greenhouse materials such as; installations for ventilation and heating, assimilation lamps, mist installations, ...

  • All kinds of sheds and hangars. Often only the structure is reused, completed with new insulation, wall and roof panels, but it is not uncommon to reuse these as well.

  • Old hangars with welded joints can also be reclaimed, but this is done less due to the high cost of the operation.

  • Canopies with a supporting structure made of glued-laminated timber beams ('glulam').

  • Old barns in solid oak. 

Recorded prices

  • Greenhouse: Around 60% of the new price, including installation.
    Example: Greenhouse of 4 x 6m: Total price of 1000 EUR including VAT, including glass and door, without installation.

  • Hangars / sheds: Around 60% of the new price.

Available treatments

All parts are checked and where necessary repaired or replaced. Dealers are in contact with the manufacturers of new structures for this purpose. Rust stains and other minor damages are eliminated.

It is sometimes possible to repaint the structure, but it is rarely necessary.  

The assembly of the entire structure is usually carried out by the dealer himself, who has the necessary knowledge and resources. This is often included in the price for larger structures.

Did you know

In Westland, an area between The Hague and the Oranjekanaal, there are a dozen dealers in used horticultural greenhouses. With 2300 ha of glazed surface, accounting for 40% of the entire region, Westland has the highest concentration of greenhouse horticulture in the world. The first greenhouses were already built as of 1850. The entire area, which lights up orange at night, is also known as "The Glass City". Virtually all greenhouse builders and installers sell both new and reconditioned greenhouses there.