Lamplord / 't Lodderijntje


Burgemeester Grothestraat 45
3761EK Soest

Opening hours

Fri-Sat: 11h-16h

Operations on products
Historical material restoration

The Lamplord family business dates its origin back to the start of the 80’s with the foundation of the 't Lodderijntje antique shop in Soest, which has since then evolved into the specialised shop it is today, with more than 3000 light fittings in stock dating from 1900 to 1970. Today, the family business is ran by Bert, Igor and Rinia, father, son and daughter in law respectively. 

The smaller half of the stock of fittings can be found on-line in the extensive Lamplord webshop. The remaining two thousand lamps are stored in the warehouse, waiting for a more thorough restoration. Bert, owner and founder of 't Lodderijntje, takes care of the restoration work of the light fittings in the workshop on-site. If possible, a defective or damaged parts is always replaced with an original part. Following the restoration, each lamp is carefully photographed by Rinia and, ultimately, Igor, the current business director of Lamplord, ensures its publication on their up to date on-line shop.

Attention! The webstore has another adress than the warehouse.
Warehouse (for visiting) "'t Lodderijntje": Burgemeester Grothestraat 45, 3761EK, Soest
Webstore "Lamplord": Grote Bickersstraat 267, 1013KP, Amsterdam

Last modification: 27/11/2023