Marbrerie Crombé


Chaussée de Haecht, 1465
1130 Bruxelles

Opening hours

Maffle: Mon - Fri 8h-18h / Saturday 9h-16h 
Brussels: Mon - Fri 9h-18h / Saturday 10h-13h

Marbrerie Crombé is a family business, active in Brussels since 1898 across 5 generations. Marbrerie Crombé activities are the sawing, transformation and shaping of natural stones like Belgian blue stone, French stones, marble, granite and composites.

The finished products made in their workshops are mainly kitchen worktops, bathrooms, window boards, staircases, sills, wall bases, flagstones, pavers, large sinks, fireplaces, decorative items and all other standard or made-to-measure products.

We also have teams of experienced installers. Marbrerie Crombé is available to general building contractors and private individuals.

Last modification: 02/03/2022