VRT International


Groot Mijdrechtstraat 13
3641RV Mijdrecht

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 8h-17h


Primarily used refrigeration equipment, for both commercial and industrial applications. 

Transport Design Dismanteling Installation
Operations on products
Refurbishment of technical installations

VRT International, founded in 2010, has a large stock of used cooling technical equipment. This stock is maintained on a daily basis in en on-line database and it can be consulted by the clients. Besides the selling and buying activities, a team of engineers also helps the client in the design of their installations. 

Once you have arrived at VRT International, the installations are fully checked and thoroughly tested in the local workshop. They may or may not be (partially) disassembled and/or repaired. Any still usable element ends up in the material database and designers can get to work. Unused machines - overstock from producers of machinery with minor manufacturing defects - is added to the VRT International stock and sold.

Last modification: 27/11/2023