Some dealers offer different types of planks, studs and panels, usually salvaged from lightweight framing in modern buildings. These are to be distinguished from more elaborate reclaimed timber products (such as cladding, antique panelling, parquets, terrace floorboards or structural timber) for different reasons:

  • they are usually sold ‘as is’, with few or none operation undertaken by the dealers
  • they don’t have such a beautiful patina or remarkable history

However, they are suited for a diverse set of applications such as boarding, wooden frameworks, interior design, furniture… They are also a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to new timber.

Commonly available products

Among commonly available products, one can find:

  • Wooden boards: plywood pannels, concrete multiplex, chipboard (laminated or non-laminated), etc. Is usually not commonly available due to the very low prices of their new variants.
  • HPL pannels

Observed prices

Indicative prices based on the Belgian, French and Netherlands market:

  • Roof boarding, flooring, etc.: 2 to 3 €/m (as a general rule: the longer the plank or beam, the more expensive per running metre)
  • Concrete multiplex: 15 €/m²
  • Plywood 1200 × 500 × 12 mm: 5 €/pc

Available services

Only nails are usually removed from wooden planks, studs and panels when sold. Sanding or sawing is sometimes available upon request.


Common products

Wood panelling, plywood, chipboard

HPL panels