Sanitary appliances
Sanitary appliances
Sanitary appliances
Sanitary appliances
Sanitary appliances

Sanitary appliances

One can find many different types of sanitary appliances on the reclamation market: wash basins, sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, bidets, urinals... – of different styles and eras.

Ceramic and enamelled cast iron resist the passage of time quite well. Among other things, it is their ease of maintenance and tolerance of heavy-duty cleaning that explain this durability. It is not always the case for plumbing elements and fixtures. For this reason, reclaimed sanitary appliances are sometimes reinstalled with new taps and plumbing. Many companies offer these elements as part of a wider range of products.

Sanitary appliances that are particularly stylish (an enamelled cast iron bathtub with lion’s paws from the late 19th century, pedestal sinks with clean lines from the 1950s, coloured hand basins from the 1970s, contemporary top-of-the-range suspended toilets, etc.) will find a place in projects looking for a unique character. More anonymous but well-crafted salvaged products will find their place in public development programmes (bars, restaurants, cultural centres, etc.).

Common products

Among common sanitary products, one can find:

  • bathtubs and wash basins, of different styles and eras
  • sinks, slop sinks, urinals and toilet bowls
  • accessories: plumbing, mirrors, dividers for urinals, etc.
  • etc.

Available services

Among the possible treatments:

  • testing and thorough cleaning of elements up for sale
  • re-enamelling (for the restoration of antique bathtubs)
  • ...