Sanitary appliances

There are various types of sanitary appliances on the reuse market: washbasins, slop sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, etc. And they come in many different styles. 

Ceramics and enamelled cast iron usually stand the test of time very well. This is partly due to the ease of maintenance and the possibility of thorough cleaning of these elements. This is less the case for plumbing, which is why reused sanitary ware is usually reinstalled with new pipes and taps. For most companies offering these elements, they are part of a larger product range. 

Sanitary ware with a special aesthetic (e.g. enamelled cast-iron bathtubs with lion's paws from the end of the 19th century, austere washbasins from the 1950s or frivolously coloured ones from the 1970s, modern hanging toilets of high quality, etc.) are much in demand for projects looking for a certain cachet. More anonymous quality products are often installed in public facilities (bars, restaurants, cultural centres, etc.).


Washbasins, slop sinks

Washbasins and slop sinks are typically easy to dismantle and reinstall. There are many different models and types available: single or double, white or coloured, classic or decorative, etc. Typically, only the ceramic basin itself is sold. Occasionally, the tap work is still present. 

Toilet bowls

Hanging toilets (and less often standing toilets) are available from various traders. Usually, they come from offices or public buildings. Some dealers focus on toilets that are less than 20 years old and that correspond to the current standards of use. Others focus more on antiques. 

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Urinals are available in countless shapes and models. Like toilet bowls, elements younger than twenty years are easily reusable, but antique elements can also be found on the market. 

Flushing systems

Integrated flushing and suspension systems are sporadically available on the market. These are mainly recent models offered by demolition contractors.